My research focuses on marketing analytics, market dynamics, behavioral interventions, and consumer insights, often in sustainable consumption contexts. I use consumer data to model consumption behaviors and decision-making and to understand customer journeys, motivations, and expectations. I also explore and implement behavioral change techniques to shift individuals’ consumption patterns to healthier and more sustainable practices.

Consumer data and behavioral knowledge are powerful tools that go beyond informing marketing decisions, to enabling consumers’ well-being, and that of the planet, when and if used smartly, and consciously.

Market Research

Journal Articles

ElHaffar, G., Durif, F., & Dubé, L. (Under Review). Accounting for Consumer and Intervention Heterogeneity to Scale-Up Real-World Impact of Behavioral Experiments: the Case of Sustainable Consumption.

ElHaffar, G., Durif, F., & Dubé, L. (Under Review). Green…But at What Cost? A Conceptualization and Scale Development of Perceived Green Costs.

ElHaffar, G., Durif, F., & Dubé, L. (2020). Towards closing the attitude-intention-behavior gap in green consumption: a narrative review of the literature and an overview of future research directions. Journal of Cleaner Production, 122556.

Book Chapters

ElHaffar, G., & Dubé, L. (Forthcoming) Are low-carbon food innovations appealing to the social acceptance of consumers? Smart Food Industry: The Blockchain for Sustainable Engineering  (Volume II – Current Status, Future Foods, and Global Issues), CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group).