Eco-friendly Choices

What is ‘Eco-friendly Choices’ ?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the eco-friendly talks, information, and products on social media?

Have you ever felt like a failure for not being able to keep up with all the eco-friendly trends, choices, and decisions?

Did you consider giving up?


That’s why I created ‘eco-friendly choices’. A series of blogposts on eco-friendly consumption choices based on behavioral science and sustainable consumption research.

This website tackles eco-friendly consumption choices that we encounter daily.

It is also the fruit of my experience and knowledge of environmentally friendly consumption, decision-making, and behavioral change patterns.

My goal is to simplify, demystify and deguiltify (if that’s even a word) environmentally-friendly consumption for people, especially those leading busy lives, feeling stuck in their ecological journey, and wanting to do better for the environment.

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What’s in the blog?

To change our behavior and make it more eco-friendly, there are three umbrella elements that we should consider, and which I address throughout this website:

First, changing our perceptions of eco-friendly alternatives and choices is fundamental. Research has shown that our perceptions of the environmental crisis could prevent us from moving forward in our eco-journeys. Also, every behavior change starts in the mind, so tackling perceptions of eco-friendly choices is primordial.

Second, when we are on our way to making an eco-friendly choice, some obstacles might arise and prevent us from accomplishing our goals. For instance, forgetting to bring our reusable bags when shopping, or getting stuck ordering out because you didn’t have time to prepare your lunch.

Third and finally, facilitators are the behavioral tricks, hacks, and shortcuts that we need to include in our lives to overcome the obstacles and reach our full green potential.

Feel free to navigate through the blog! I am always happy to hear your feedback through comments or emails.