My Work

Laptop, glasses, pen and a plant

As an academic, my training covers scientific research and university-level teaching. Furthermore, as a business school graduate, B2B, and B2C consultancy is a fundamental part of my experience.

Find out more about my background training and experience below!


Scientific research is my ultimate passion, and I feel very blessed for conducting research as my primary occupation.

My research answers questions regarding consumers’ preferences, motivations, obstacles, and decision-making processes, namely, in sustainable consumption contexts.

In other words, I explore the behavioral aspect of sustainability. For example, I investigate why people fail to consumer eco-friendly alternatives, and what obstacles stand in their way. But also what motivates them to search for eco-friendly alternatives, and most importantly for maintaining such green habits.

On the other side of the medallion, I investigate how these consumption insights could be used by companies, governments, and organizations to drive behavioral change. For instance, how can a cosmetics company facilitate consumers’ engagement in recycling its products? Or what obstacles should we eliminate to drive water conservation behavior?

Knowledge diffusion

As for knowledge diffusion, I fulfill it through teaching and lecturing.

Teaching at the university level is one of my biggest passions. For the past three years, I have been practicing this passion at the Écoles des Sciences de la Gestion at Univesrité du Québec À Montréal. I have taught consumer behavior and digital marketing courses.

Moreover, I have been a guest lecturer at several Canadian universities to share my insights and experiences in sustainable consumption research.

I also regularly participate in international conferences to share my research, discuss new trends in sustainability and environmental psychology, and search for new opportunities to collaborate.


I have had the chance to collaborate on several consultancy projects within the academic community. Specifically, I have been part of the GreenUX lab where I have gained my primary consultancy experience with local eco-responsible businesses. I also built an international experience through my collaboration with CIRAIG. Precisely to support large-scale companies in their transition to more eco-friendly processes through innovative product consumption and disposal patterns.