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Fresh starts to the rescue: Why moving day is so important in your eco-friendly journey

Fresh starts to the rescue: Why moving day is so important in your eco-friendly journey

July 1st is right around the corner. If you’re living in Quebec-Canada, this means it is moving day! For those of you who are planning their moves, this is a great opportunity to get back on track with your unfulfilled green goals.

How can moving day help me start my eco-friendly habits?

Moving day is a point in time where a new chapter in your life begins. Our minds perceive such situations as a landmark witch dissociates the “Old You” from the “New You”.

Your mind is thus receptive to any new change in your life because your old life is already moving and restructuring.

Trust me, this would be the perfect opportunity for you to turn those eco-friendly choices into a reality. For instance, you could:

  •  Start taking shorter showers
  •  Buy a plant and include it in your living room decor.
  • Start composting your leftovers
  • Begin planning your meals
  • Start airing your clothes in the backyard (if your new residence allows it) instead of using the dryer
  • Install a bidet on your toilet
  • Start buying your grocery at the framers’ market
  • Just fill in the blanks and get inspired here!

Moving day as a fresh start

In behavioral science, this effect is known as “the fresh start effect”. And YES, it works on other events than moving day. Such as the new year, beginning a new job, a newborn in the family, the start of the semester, your birthday… Any new beginning in your life, can be a new start and have the behavioral advantages of the fresh start effect.

If you have been failing to include eco-friendly habits in your life, you can restart on moving day. Or any other significant new start.

Your mind associates all the old failures with the “Old You”. And this increases the chances that the ‘New You’ succeeds this time.


  • Moving day represents a fresh start in your mind
  • Use fresh starts to start new eco-friendly habits, especially if you have failed to adopt them previously
  • Fresh starts are best used to overcome failures in past attempts. So instead of giving up, just start over.

Thank you for reading this blog post!

I hope it has been helpful: )

I wish you an amazing move,

And may your fresh starts be filled with eco-friendly habits!

~ Keep the green vibes going ~

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